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Biogeography considers the distribution of organic devices over quite a lot of scales. The devices diversity from genotypes, populations and species to households and better taxa. methods may be neighborhood, reminiscent of the isolation on islands because of sea-level fluctuations, or large-scale tectonic strategies that separates continents and creates oceans. In all tactics time is a vital issue and through combining information on contemporary styles with paleontological facts the certainty of the distribution of extant taxa should be more desirable. This quantity specializes in speciation because of isolation in island-like settings, and the evolution of large-scale range because the results of origination, upkeep and extinction.

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T h e Swarbrick is tightly folded into an anticline with smaller scale chevron folds on t h e limbs. Beds a r e vertical to slightly overturned. Stratigraphic top is generally to t h e east (right). A t road level, the contact is a fault, but halfway up the slope the two formations are in depositional contact. A t this locality, the Swarbrick Formation is characterized by thin (1-2 cm thick) resistant lime mudstone and silicified lime mudstone beds that T125: 32 weather reddish brown. Individual beds consist of plane-parallel laminations devoid of traction features.

T h e next range to t h e west is t h e Desert Range, where mid-Paleozoic rocks a r e exposed. A b o u t 35 k m north, between t h e Sheep Mountains and t h e Desert Range, is o n e of t h e most complete and beauti­ fully exposed Cambrian sections in t h e southern G r e a t Basin. South of t h e highway here, along t h e flank of t h e Spring Mountains, a nearly complete, but faulted, Paleo­ zoic section ranging in age from L a t e Cambrian to Pennsylvanian is exposed. About 35 minutes along this segment, south of t h e highway and west of t h e Nevada Corrections Center (prison), is an excellent Cambrian section along Indian Ridge, a small, isolated mountain flanking t h e Spring Mountains.

A t least three common types of boundstones occur. T h e most c o m m o n a r e sheet-like, range from 1 to 2 m in thickness, and a r e 75 m or m o r e in length. Also, common a r e pillow-shaped bioherms about 1-2 m thick and 1-5 m long. Total areal extent of both types is unknown. A third, slightly less common type consists of single isolated stromatolites as much as 30 cm high and 50 cm wide. Less common types of microbial heads are fragile types about 3 cm wide and up to 1 m high (Cook and Taylor, 1977, fig.

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