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By Willem Renema

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This booklet deals exchanges among the fields of paleontology and zoology as styles of biodiversity have lengthy attracted the eye of either biologists and paleontologists. It covers the improvement of remoted island faunas, paleogeography and zoomorphology. The booklet indicates that styles are usually not constantly what they appear if checked out and not using a spatial or temporal reference.

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2001) did find a sister group relationship between 18 de jong and van achterberg the Baroniinae and the remainder of the family, but the Parnassiinae turned out paraphyletic. In a study combining morphological and molecular data, Wahlberg et al. (2005) found a hierarchy as follows: (Papilioninae (Baroniinae Parnassiinae)). Baroniinae (comprising a single species restricted to the Sierra Madre del Sur in southwest Mexico) and Parnassiinae (with a number of genera in the Palaearctic, one genus, Parnassius, extending into the Nearctic) are strictly northern hemisphere groups; Papilioninae on the other hand, is cosmopolitan (but absent from New Zealand).

1. General Hymenoptera are as old as or older than the Lepidoptera. They have a much better fossil record than the Lepidoptera, and very much better than the butterflies. The oldest fossils, belonging to the extant superfamily Xyeloidea, are known from Middle or Late Triassic (Rasnitsyn, 2002; Schlüter, 2000). The monophyletic grouping Apocrita, the most highly evolved Hymenoptera, start to appear in the fossil record in the early Jurassic Period (Megalyridae). , 2002) point to Orussoidea as sister to the Apocrita.

Lycaenidae, Part 1, Omnes Artes, Milano. , 2000, Butterflies of Australia (2 volumes), CSIRO, Collingwood, VIC. , 1999, Growing up with dinosaurs: molecular dates and the mammalian radiation, Trends in Ecology and Evolution 14: 113–118. C. T. (eds), Biogeography and Quaternary History in Tropical America, Clarendon Press, Oxford, UK, pp. 66–104. , 2000, Molecular evolution of the wingless gene and its implications for the phylogenetic placement of the butterfly family Riodinidae (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea), Molecular Biology and Evolution 17: 684–696.

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