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By Dmitriy Khazanov, Aleksander Medved, Jim Laurier, Gareth Hector, Andrey Yurgenson

ISBN-10: 1472805798

ISBN-13: 9781472805799

That includes first-hand money owed from veteran pilots, infrequent archival pictures and professional research, this quantity brings to lifestyles the vicious dogfights that happened among the Bf 109 and the Yak as they vied for mastery of the frozen skies of the jap Front.

Step into the cockpit of the Luftwaffe's Bf 109 and the crimson Air Force's Yaks 1-7, warring parties which have been fascinated with many of the greatest, fiercest aerial battles in heritage. the long-lasting Messerschmitt fighter and its strive against hardened pilots administered a nervous drubbing to the Yaks at first of the conflict. a few of the maximum scoring aces in background benefitted from the Bf 109's technical superiority over the obese and underpowered Yak 1, racking up brilliant successes opposed to their poorly educated and outfitted adversaries. And but, because the Soviets amassed wrestle event, their strategies better, as did their mounts within the upgraded Yak 1B and progressively, the pink strength eroded the Jagdwaffe's dominance of the skies within the jap entrance, although with the 109G they'd by no means lose qualitative superiority.

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However, by the spring of 1942 the VVS-KA had grown in strength to such an extent that German bomber formations now needed close escort when targeting enemy positions, thus reducing the effectiveness of the fighter force. /JG 51 has been tasked with protecting a Ju 87D of Stukageschwader 2 during the late summer of 1942 on the Vyazma Front. 55 Yak-1B COCKPIT 4 7 8 16 44 16 43 45 46 41 42 40 9 39 6 38 35 36 34 21 12 15 13 24 27 25 2 28 30 33 3 29 18 1. Control column 2.

Another major contribution to the superiority of the Luftwaffe fighters over their Soviet opponents in the initial stages of the war was the considerable amount of experience accumulated by German pilots and commanders during two years of hard aerial combat, mainly against France and Great Britain. In the USSR, experience gained in pre-war conflicts was mainly ignored. The main fighter types, the I-16 and I-153, were substantially inferior to their Messerschmitt counterparts in speed and vertical manoeuvre, which put even well prepared Soviet pilots at a disadvantage.

Joining the Red Army in the summer of 1934, he initially drilled as an infantryman. However, from January 1935 Lukyanov attended the J. V. Stalin naval pilots’ and air observers’ school in Yeysk, where, as well as learning theory in the classroom, he also flew the Polikarpov U-2 biplane trainer. com The venerable Polikarpov U-2 (re-designated the Po-2 in 1944) served as the VVS-KA’s elementary trainer throughout World War II, some 13,500 examples having been built by June 1941. Praised for its positive longitudinal stability and reluctance to spin, the pedestrian U-2 was the ideal tool for the hundreds of flying clubs charged with training pilots for frontline units.

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