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Information-packed volumes offer entire overviews of every nation's humans, geography, heritage, executive economic system, and tradition plentiful full-color illustrations advisor the reader on a voyage of discovery Maps replicate present political barriers Meets social reviews and geography curriculum criteria Written by means of the main skilled professors educating global local geography

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A privateer is different from a pirate, because a pirate does not work for a country to aid it in war. Pirates are lawless murderers, out to attack any rich prize no matter what country they are attacking. Only two Bermudians became famous pirates, John Bowen and Nathaniel North. Neither Bowen nor North used Bermuda as a base, however. Although they plied the oceans together for a while, Bowen’s headquarters was on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius and North’s in Madagascar, which is also in the Indian Ocean.

However, Bermuda’s tourist hotels earned money for the islands. Thousands of British and United States personnel were housed in them; their governments paid for their food and lodging. British intelligence agents (code breakers) took over the Princess and Bermudian hotels, the islands’ two largest hotels. Their job was to uncover messages sent by enemy spies between the United States and Europe. A number of spies were unmasked. q 12/15/04 1:54 PM Page 53 Bermuda Through Time threatened allied shipping lanes in the North Atlantic.

Q 12/15/04 1:54 PM Page 41 Bermuda Through Time Gulf Stream to Jamestown. Two crewmen chose to remain in Bermuda to become its first permanent human inhabitants. The Deliverance and Patience brought dried fish, fruit, and salted pork from Bermuda to the Jamestown colony. Six of the seven other ships in Somers’ original fleet arrived nine months earlier with some food also. ) Nevertheless, Jamestown was still badly in need of more supplies, so Somers and members of his crew bravely volunteered to take the Deliverance back to Bermuda for more food to re-supply the colony.

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