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Air Force Museum Collection) 36 WARBIRDTECH eo The aileron hinge of the Me 262 was mounted externally on the bottom of the wing. Auxiliary linkage adjustable only on the ground controlled the trim tab. (Air Force Museum Collection) Sufficient numbers of Me 262A-0 three second burst, causing serious fighters were also available to form damage to bomber formations. a service trials unit, and the Erprobungskommandos 262 (ProvThe aircraft had arrived at exactly ing Detachment) was established. the right moment, or so it seemed.

Cke was in charge of the project, which began in January 1945 and had an aircraft flying in the brief period of four weeks. The BK 5 was installed well forward of the center of gravity, necessitating the installation of ballast in the rear fuselage, all of which limited the aircraft to 525 MPH. Somewhat surprisingly, the installation, including the barrel that projected almost seven feet ahead of the fuselage, had no adverse affects on the Me 262's handling, although the aircraft did have a pronounced yaw every time the weapon was fired.

After it arrived in the US, it was used to compare performance with a Lockheed P-80. As part of these tests, the aircraft was extensively reconditioned and a great deal of attention was paid to giving the exterior a smooth finish to minimize drag. During this process, the normal'bulged'reconnaissance nose was removed and replaced with a fighter nose. The aircraft is now in the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, California, wearing incorrect markings identifying it as Werk-Nr. 111617, which was scrapped near Munich in 1945.

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