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By Joseph F. Privitera

ISBN-10: 0773483357

ISBN-13: 9780773483354

The Sicilian dialect, like many of the different 450 Italian dialects, has virtually disappeared within the Nineties. This grammar is designed to maintain the dialect for these first and moment iteration Sicilians who're frightened to take care of touch with the language.

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3. Ciascunu, ognunu, nessunu, alcunu, when used adjectively, arc inflected like unu. F. , sebbeni and, e ay, com u as(since), siccomu as well as, comu anchi because, pirchi before, prima chi but, ma even if, anchi si for, pirchi however, tuttavia if, si (occasionally quannu) in case, casu in order that, affinchè much less, tantu menu neither... nor, né... né nevertheless, nundimenu nor, né nor... either, neppuru nor even, neanchi or, o, opuru or else, opuru, altrimenti 34 granting that, dato chi rather, anzi since (temporal), dachì since (causal), siccomu so, dunca so that (result), di modu chi so that (in order that), pirchi than, that, chi that, (in order that), pirchi then, dunca provided that, purchi therefore, dunca, però, perciò too, punì, anchi unless, a menu chi, eccettu chi until, fin chi when, quannu whence, di unni where, unni whether, s i while, mentri Prepositions The principal prepositions are: about (approximately), circa aftour (around), intornu a afo ve, supra according to, secunnu after, doppu against, contra along, accantu among, fra around, intornu a asfar as, sinu a °sfor, giacchi as to, quantu a at, a because of, pir raotivu di before (time), prima di before (place), davanti a behind, darreri below, sutta besides (in addition to), oltri between, fra beyond, oltri by, accantu a by means of, pir menzu di during, duranti except, eccettu, tranni from, da in, in in front of, davanti a inside of, dintra di instead of, in veci di in the midst of, nu menzu di into, in, dintra near, vicinu a ofdi on, su, supra on this side, di stu latu 35 beside (place), accanti!

Like father like son. (b) He who, him who is cu Cu havi a bona saluti è riccu. He who has good health is rich. Cu travagghia è cuntenti. He who works is satisfied. Amamucu ni ama. We love him who loves us. 29 D. Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns Singular Adj. F. F. Pron. Adj. u (a) me u (a) tò u (a) so a nostra a vostra u (a) so me to Pron. SO nostri vostri so i i i i i i me tò so nostri vostri so Me, to, so are invariable; nostru and vostru agree with the noun in number and gender. Adj. Pron.

Tila cunta (sta storia). He tells it to you (this tale). Cili duna. He gives them to them. Nili vinni. He sells them to us. Vili mannu. I send them to you. 25 VI. Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns 1. They agree in number and gender with the noun they modify. Interrogatives, Possessives 1. He who and the interrogative who, whom, is cu. Cu travagghia mangia beni. He who works eats well. Cu veni stasira? Who is coming tonight? A cu vidu? Whom do I see? 2. What ? used substantively is chi. What ?

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