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Result of three-dimensional discrete element modelling of a waste repository subjected to nine different loading events; a) principal stresses in the wall at the mid-height of the deposition hole; b) principal stresses in the roof of the tunnel (Shen and Stephansson, 1995). -F. Tsang and O. Stephansson 5. F I E L D T E S T M E T H O D S U T I L I Z I N G C O U P L E D P R O C E S S E S This is relatively a new area to be developed. The question is, since t h e r m a l , h y d r a u l i c and m e c h a n i c a l effects are coupled, can one t a k e advantage of this coupling to make one type of m e a s u r e m e n t and obtain the properties or rock characteristics t h a t control another effect?

The water flow will then carry away the broken rock materials. Such "muddy" water flow was found in the laboratory experiment reported by Ahola et al. (1996, this book). The effect on w a t e r flow can be represented as a change in viscosity and density of the flowing fluid. On the other hand, a much more drastic effect can be expected w h e n these broken rock m a t e r i a l s clog up some of the flow channels or a p e r t u r e constrictions (see Fig. 3) causing a substantial local flow decrease and forcing the fluid to find new flow paths.

Hydromechanical behavior of a deformable rock fracture subjected to normal stress, J. Geophys. , 86 (1981) 9287. Vouille, G. , Private Communication at the DECOVALEX meeting, May, Oxford, UK (1994). Y. , Hydrologic mechanisms governing fluid flow in a partially saturated, fractured, porous medium, Water Resour. , 21 (1985) 1861. O. J. McPherson, and G. Ramqvist, Geohydrological data from the macro-permeability experiment at Stripa, Sweden, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory report, LBL-12520, March (1981).

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