Alain Godard, Jean-Jacques Lagasquie, Yannick Lageat, Y.'s Basement Regions PDF

By Alain Godard, Jean-Jacques Lagasquie, Yannick Lageat, Y. Gunnell

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ISBN-13: 9783642568213

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The basement areas represent greater than two-thirds of outcropping bedrock fabric throughout our planet's continents. in the past 30 years French geomorphologists have contributed drastically to the characterization of a few of the legislation and styles of landform evolution in shields and crystaliine parts with altering bioclimatic environments. This quantity displays the quest for a greater realizing of landscapes and landforms in igneous and metamorphic terrains at various latitudes. in addition, it covers a large box of research collected on 4 continents and addresses the problem at a variety of spatial and timescales. it really is a terrific quantity not just for post-graduate geomorphology scholars but additionally for geoscience students enthusiastic about igneous petrology, quaternary geology, actual geography, soil technological know-how and land use planning.

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15 . Preservation of planation surfaces in formerly glaciated regions : an example from the Forez Mountains, Massif Central, France (after Etlicher 1986). In spite of its southerly location, the Forez massif (c. 45° of latitude) was partly covered by a small ice cap in the Quaternary. Far from destroying the pre-existing topography, the stagnant plateau ice contributed to the preservation of the Cenozoic land surface. Reconstructed moda l ice thicknesses, th ough locally exceeding 100 m, stood in the ran ge of 10 -50 m Ancestralsurface (thicksaprolite) Pediment and pediment benches (thin saprolite) Base levelfor pediment evolution (areas ofsubsidence) Principal pliocene sand deposits Upperpleistocene gravelbeds Fringe ofaeolian sediment Faultscarp (neotectonic) o 5 lOkm t N Fig.

1: Carboniferous. 2: Permian and Triass ic. 3: Late Cimmerian. 4: Cretaceous. 5: Palaeocene. 6: Eocene/Oligocene. 7: Neogene. a to d: major landfo rms . a: pre-Palaeocen e surface . b: Palaeogene surface .

The more conspicuous and elevated basement massifs of Europe are mountainous regions that have been subjected to more intense, medium-wavelength up doming and intense faulting than most shields in the Arctic and the Tropics. , Permo-Carboniferous) graben sediment fills, while preserving the discordant Mesozoic cover (Saint-Die basin: Vosges; Brive basin: eastern Perigord); • bedrock fault scarps (south-eastern border of the Massif Central). More exceptionally,there are instances of low-elevation planation surfaces truncating both the warped (Limousin) or faulted (Rouergue) basement and its peripheral Mesozoic sediment cover in the form of a pediment-like continuum: this configuration is particularly striking in the Rhone corridor between Lyonand Avignon,where the aggregate throw of existing faults exceeds 1500 m.

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