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R R R R R R 1 1 2 At high frequencies  hf (see Fig. 9b) must be larger than the actual variation in the plant,  P . For the case where y(t ) , corresponding to TRU , is to have an allowable “large” overshoot followed by a small tolerable undershoot, a dominant complex pole pair is not suitable for TRU . An acceptable overshoot with no undershoot for TRU can be achieved by TRU having two real dominant poles p  p , a dominant real zero ( z  p ) "close"' to p1 , and a far off pole p3  p2 . The closeness of the zero dictates the value of M .

4. Single-input single-output (SISO) linear-time-invariant (LTI) systems SISO nonlinear systems. MIMO LTI systems. MIMO nonlinear systems. 38 5. 6. Automatic Flight Control Systems – Latest Developments Distributed systems. Sampled-data systems as well as continuous systems for all of the preceding. Problem classes 3 and 4 are converted into equivalent sets of MISO systems to which the QFT design technique is applied. , to find compensation functions which guarantee that the performance tolerances for each MISO problem are satisfied for all P in  .

7, such that the specification 1 dB  Lm M  2 dB is always maintained for this plant gain variation while the resonant frequency m remains constant. 09  m . m Fig. 12. Log magnitude-angle diagram It is assumed for Eq. (19) that the compensators F and G are fixed (LTI), that is, they have negligible uncertainty. Thus, only the uncertainty in P contributes to the change in TR given by Eq. (19). The solution requires that the actual LmTR ( ji )   R ( ji ) dB in Fig. 9b. Thus, it is necessary to determine the resulting constraint, or bound B ( j ) , on L( j ) .

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