Asymptotic Approaches in Nonlinear Dynamics: New Trends and - download pdf or read online

By Jan Awrejcewicz, Igor V. Andrianov, Leonid I. Manevitch

ISBN-10: 3540638946

ISBN-13: 9783540638940

This booklet covers advancements within the thought of oscillations from different viewpoints, reflecting the fields multidisciplinary nature. It introduces the cutting-edge within the thought and diverse purposes of nonlinear dynamics. It additionally deals the 1st remedy of the asymptotic and homogenization tools within the thought of oscillations together with Pad approximations. With its wealth of fascinating examples, this publication will end up beneficial as an advent to the sphere for newbies and as a reference for experts.

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Cp '19 = Ct e - W - cos '19. 61) we get acos(wt + '19) - a(w + t9) sin(wt ~,t9): ij = a cos(wt + '19) - 2a(w + t9) sin(wt + '19) - aJ sin(wt + '19) -a(w + t9)2 cos(wt + '19). 71) in the above equation, we find (with an accuracy of O(c 2 )) iJ + '19) + cp sinwt - aO:e sin(wt + '19), 2w 2ah eO: e sin(wt + '19) + cpcoswt - aO: e cos(wt + '19). 73), can be transformed into the form L = cpcoswt - 2ah~ cos(wt + '19) + he cp sinwt w "J cpcoswt. 67) with an accuracy of c. 67), which is valid near resonanCe.

In point B a sudden jump into a new branch on the resonance curve has occurred (point D) and a further increase in the frequency w is accompanied by an increase in the amplitude of oscillations up to point E. In this point a sudden amplitude change to the value defined by point J has appeared. A further increase in w causes a slight decrease in the amplitude of oscillations. In a similar way we are able to analyse the dynamics with an increase in the frequency w (Fig. 4b). We have to emphasize that the process of nonlinear and discontinuous changes of the amplitude corresponding to the increase in the frequency differs from a similar process accompanying the decrease in the frequency.

The unit equivalent coefficient of damping he(a) and the equivalent frequency O:e(a) are functions of the amplitude a. 77) , which allows us to obtain 4h;(a) [h~(a) - Ct~(a)] w= +c 2 2 ; . 78). 78), it is possible to find the corresponding phase {}. 2. However, not all parts of the resonanCe curveS are stable. 71). 81) ~ cos{}o = O. 71) = -ahe(a) - ;: sin {} . {} = Cte(a) - cp W - . V = cos{} cA [a(t), {}(t), w] , = cB [a(t), {}(t),w]. 86) where o(t) are small enough. 87) into a Taylor series because of oa and 019 near the point (ao , {}o), and finally we obtain 38 2.

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