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By Catherine Morgan, Pia Guldager, A.C. Smith et al.

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Praktika and Rom sherds, especially reports Hel as well as EH sherds and obsidian. 2, Z'Synedriou LRom combed peninsula 424) ware, MESSENIA (38thEPCA: 26thEBA) P. Themelis (ASA) reports{Ergon [2007], 42-59) on Messene. in several parts of the site (Fig. 44). In the theatre, a large number of EByz graves containing no theW in front of the E and especially offerings were uncovered excavation In the latter case, graves were lined with blocks from parodoi. of the parodos, most of which had builders' the superstructure in Graves marks (Gr characters denoting course and position).

A the S side, and along likely Hel Lakedaimonian coin found below the collapsed roof offers a tpq of 50-25 BC S of the stoa lay a shallow pit filledwith dark soil,much ca. 225-50 BC and some long petal bowls of ca. 150-80 BC, as miniatures, cooking pots, amphorae, jugs and some lamps, plus a few female figurines of the 2nd Ct BC (Fig. 37). At the S end of this trench lay a terracotta water channel, and as well to itL5th-M3rd Ct BC bg pottery and a foot fragment from a 2ndhalf 6thCt BC bronze hydria.

15m indicates a cult function. 1m), rectangular building, was erected in the Hel period; its E access and some limestone orthostats from its superstructure survive. 25m terrace I, W of the peripteral the following On temple, of cult buildings is visible following excavation from sequence of a simple rectangular 2004 onwards. 4m reports (Director, Austrian Institute) of the cult building on terrace I and of the peripteraltemple {AR 53 [2006-2007], 30-31). served along with remains of slabs displaced a road up the hill.

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