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15 CDF fire & EMS mobilization time criterion for reported fire call responses—21 s longer than the time allotted by the implied benchmark (Fig. 13). The maximum reported mobilization time for EMS response ranged to just over 1 h. As seen previously with fire responses, this is the result of extreme outliers in both alarm handling and turnout times. Although the effects of these outliers continue to show themselves in the uppermost cumulative percentages, they remain statistically insignificant overall.

1 ‘‘Combined Set A’’ (n = 153,463)2 was created by combining data from departments collecting response data with similar methodologies during the mobilization process from receipt of call, to dispatch of emergency response units, to designation of en route status. These departments were matched based on the following criteria3: • All the departments represented managed combined PSAP and Communication Centers as single agencies providing documentary continuity from alarm time to en route time. • Alarm time was timestamped and recorded electronically at the time the call was answered.

These data include a wide variety of station layouts and designs ranging from historical stations, traditional urban stations, modern suburban stations, temporary stations, and at least one dual purpose suburban/crash fire rescue airport station. 1 Data Preparation Raw data files submitted by each participant department were imported into an ExcelÒ (Microsoft Corporation 2006) workbook file and converted into a standardized record format combining data from the initial screening survey, participant questionnaire, and historical response data into a single spreadsheet.

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