Aphrodite's Secret by Julie Kenner PDF

By Julie Kenner

ISBN-10: 0505525097

ISBN-13: 9780505525093

A gorgeous superhero vows to win again the affection of his lifestyles at any fee.

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Zoë nodded. Not that Hieronymous had ever stopped. Yet months had passed without a peep from the notorious Outcast leader. It had been an interesting few months, with the Council focusing on other troublesome Outcasts. Hieronymous, it seemed, wasn’t the only one with delusions of grandeur. He was, however, the most notorious—so Zoë had been surprised when Zephron told her that her uncle was vacationing on an island somewhere. Apparently, he’d done enough work on his tan; now he’d returned to wreak havoc once more on the world of mortals.

As it was, he’d not only screwed up the mission; he’d left his son fatherless and deeply hurt the woman he loved—all things considered, not the outcome he’d been hoping for. To add insult to injury, Hieronymous had somehow discovered their relation and invited Jason to join his merry band of Outcasts. Jason hadn’t hesitated. He’d flatly refused and been willing to suffer Hieronymous’s wrath. But did the Elders believe him? Nope. They only saw a man who’d spent six years with the enemy. A man who shared Hieronymous’s bloodline.

He’d been a little freaked out when he first learned the truth about his parentage, and, yes, the timing had been unfortunate. He’d learned that his father was the ultimate Outcast on the same day that he’d learned his girlfriend Lane was pregnant. He’d freaked; he could admit that now. He’d feared that his blood really was bad. He’d feared the stigma that would be placed on his child. And he’d rushed off in a fit of testosterone and misplaced fatherly duty to foil the bad guy and reclaim his familial pride.

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Aphrodite's Secret by Julie Kenner

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