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By Martin Blumenson

Anzio, a small city an insignificant hour's force from Rome, turned a battleground on which either Allies and Germans paid a bloody fee. deliberate through Churchill as a speedy amphibious flanking maneuver, the 1943 conflict of Anzio has been considered by means of a few as essentially the most ill-conceived tactical operations of the Allied conflict attempt, and via others as one of many war's singular misplaced possibilities. Blumenson examines the activities of the boys concerned, together with Churchill, Eisenhower, Clark, and Montgomery, and takes under consideration documents from Allied and German assets.

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Flattered, Clark was nevertheless realist enough to know and bringing the was little prospect of getting to Rome campaign to a close unless German resistance suddenly collapsed. There was no sign of collapse. The alternative there Italian THE DECISION [45 method of getting to Rome, an amphibious landing in the Rome area, was simply not feasible because the Fifth Armycould not get to and through the Cassino line and up the Liri valley to within reasonable supporting distance and because shortages of shipping prevented an amphibious operation in deemed the strength necessary.

But VietinghorT was to make no premature retrograde movements. The Italian toe was to be evacuated only under Allied pressure, the Naples-Salerno area held only to assure the safe retirement of the troops from the toe. Withdrawal to the Rome area was to be the first step to- Rome. In northern Italy, behind a strong would clear Italy of Italian troops and pacify the civilians. " When ring, in man the British crossed the Strait of Messina, Kessel- accordance with Hitler's plans, ordered the two Gera delaying action while Upon news of the Italian surrender, divisions in the toe to withdrawing to the north.

Fitted with armor-piercing was 19 inches bomb had low in diameter, and weighed about 2,500 pounds. The bomb was effective against ships, as was demonstrated at Salerno and as would again be- come apparent at Anzio. In comparison with the diminishing strength of the Ger- man air force, the Allies ranean, most of had 2,600 them moving from North African airfields to bases in Corsica. In contrast with the craft, Allied planes times. aircraft in the Mediter- low ratio of serviceable were considered 75 per cent The heavy bombers medium bombers and Wellingtons) to German available at all (B-17 Flying Fortresses, B-24 Liber- ators) designed to attack strategic targets rear, the months of 1943 Italy, Sardinia, and in the latter deep in the enemy (B-25 Mitchells, B-26 Marauders, strike targets 50 to 100 miles or more behind the enemy front, the light bombers (A-20 Bostons, DAF Baltimores) to destroy installations and facilities closer to the front, the fighter-bombers (A-36 Invaders and quitoes) to give direct support to the fighter planes (P-38 Lightnings, P-40 Mos- ground troops, and the Hawks, P-47 Thunder- bolts, P-51 Mustangs, Spitfires, and Hurricanes) to escort bombers and to intercept and attack enemy craft these com- — prised an impressively balanced force of air power.

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