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By D. Gary Miller

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This learn investigates the houses of a number of old syllabic and linear segmental scripts to make specific the features of linguistic wisdom they try and signify. a few contemporary experimental paintings means that nonliterate audio system should not have segmental wisdom and that in simple terms syllabic wisdom is 'real' or available, whence the ubiquity of syllabaries. Miller disputes this through exhibiting that such exams don't distinguish appropriate sorts of wisdom, and that linguistic research of the ordering and writing conventions of early Western scripts corroborates the facts from language acquisition, use, and alter for section know-how. via coding segments, the traditional syllabaries represented more phonological wisdom than the alphabet, which used to be a terrible compromise among the vowelless West Semitic scripts and the vowel-redundant syllabic scripts.
A wide selection of knowledge approximately early scripts and their improvement is mixed with a brand new concept of the syllable as 'Sonority Phrase'. The book's worth is extra superior via thorough dialogue of the problems from a wide diversity of theoretical and utilized viewpoints, together with language play and alter, cognition, literacy, and cultural history.

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4 (Bulwer Tablet)] liquid + glide [cf. ) S arawasatu /arwasatol "prayed" [3438 4] (dpaOll a L ar hnai Hom/poet) [ambiguous as to onset or -xxla treatment, but -rw- codas are to be expected] puruwoso /pl1rwo-so/ "Pyrwos" [ 1 98 (2x)] (but probably Eteocypriot) 5 The problems with Ibis word (3x in Idal. ); the rust three segments of the word, which are all that concern us here, are Dot in dispute (pace Beekes 1971:350-352). 3, and Cypr. g. , ldal. 4, last entry) to the Classical period (clpoupa:).

Word-internal nasals are not indicated before consonants (a) pata lpinta! 2) plus two forms in other Cases, mostly from Kaphizin (late -m), beside the expected nu-pa-i etc. (see Viredaz 19&3:192; Woodard 1993, 1994) (e) Subcase: word-final nasals are written except in (pro)clitics, which receive word-internal treaUDent [217. te ItOn lirguron t6(n)del "that silver" ii) to-ka-po-ne l lo-ni-si·/IU·-to-se I a-ro-u-ra "the orchard (the) to(n) lciipon tOn i(n) Sfnridos arowrly in the land of Simis" C.

This in turn suggests that the difference in spelling conventions was motivated by the genre of the documents or the different medium. Mycenaean documents are primarily bookkeeping registers and other bureaucratic records in which acronyms abound to this day. Cyprian texts, by contrast, are votive offerings, epitaphs, and official documents of a non-bookkeeping variety, longest of which is a bronze tablet recording a contract to pay Dr. Onasilos for his services during a siege (ICS 2 17: Edalion [Idalium], -478-470; cf.

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