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By J. P. Cecconi, G. Stampacchia

ISBN-10: 8820701278

ISBN-13: 9788820701277

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The secondary, post-cultural forestation process affected all of the country’s regions, especially those where the abandonment of agriculture and animal husbandry was more intense, even extending to lower altitudes. This led to a gradual reduction of the pre-existing landscape mosaic, a strong and often uncontrolled increase of wild fauna, and a strong decrease of cultivated land. Today, Italian agricultural products are grown on much smaller surfaces, thanks to yield increases. Above all, however, the country imports them massively from abroad, a model it shares with Europe, North America and other industrialized countries, including some in Asia.

Evol. Biol. 16: 1168–1176. 40 M. 41 A variety of cereal cultivation systems are recorded in the history of the country, ranging from vast extensive monocultures to small plots on terraces or mixed cultivations. As regards the agronomic aspect, both grain and maize, until the agricultural revolution brought about by the spread of chemical fertilizing, were grown in a rotation system. In antiquity, except for some more fertile areas like Campania, the most common system was the two-field one, where the land was divided in two parts, one allowed to lie fallow where livestock grazed and another where cereals were grown.

18 Sauer C. (1925): The Morphology of Landscape, University of California, Publications in Geography 2, 2. 19 Sereni, 1961, cit. org/nr/giahs/en/. 21 Agnoletti, M. 19. 26 M. 22 According to the guidelines of this project, landscapes are “traditional” when they have been established in a given territory for a long time, even many centuries, and appear to have stabilized, or to evolve very slowly. They are generally maintained with practices and techniques requiring few external energy inputs, whether in the form of mechanization and irrigation or of chemical fertilizers and agro-drugs.

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