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By Jerrold J. Katz, Paul M. Postal

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The authors supply a thought about the nature of a linguistic description, that's, a theoretical assertion in regards to the form of description linguist is ready to supply of a ordinary language. This idea seeks to combine the generative belief of phonology and syntax constructed via Chomsky and Halle, with the belief of semantics proposed by means of Katz and Fodor. The authors exhibit that the combination inside of one thought of those conceptions of phonology, syntax, and semantics clarifies, extra systematizes, and justifies every one of them. additionally they convey that such integration sheds massive mild upon the character of linguistic universals, that's, upon the character of language. fundamental concentration is put on the relation among the syntactic and the semantic elements of a linguistic description.

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Thus the characterization of the syntactic structure given by SD from the syntactic component determines, in part, how the semantic information from the dictionary entries associated with the lexical items is combined by the projection rules. 8, the syntactic structure permits the combination of readings from the set of readings associated with the and the set associated with boy and the combination of readings from the set associated with the morpheme Present, the set associated with like and the set associated with candy.

And only In order to complete this definition of the notion semantic interpretation of a sentence, it is necessary to determine the semantic properties over which the variable X in the above schema ranges. That is to say, it is necessary to determine what semantic properties of sentoids the semantic interpretations produced by the semantic component should mark. The semantic description of a sentoid must represent the meaning of every constituent of the sentoid in such a manner that, in the first place, it marks semantically ambiguous sentoids, and marks semantically ambiguous constituents of sentences.

This apparatus must provide a decision as to which of the P-markers in the SD of a sentence derived without generalized transformations are semantically interpreted by PI. Second, we must defend the generalization that singulary transformations are semantically irrelevant by showing that those transformational analyses whose present , Singulary Transformations 33 formulation is incompatible with it are incorrect. Also it is necessary to defend our particular choice of conceptual apparatus against other possibilities.

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