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By Morris Halle and Jean-Roger Vergnaud

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An Essay on tension offers a common thought for the characterization of the tension styles of phrases and words encountered within the languages of the international. the guts of the idea is constituted by way of the formal mechanism for characterizing "action at a distance", that is a distinct case of the formalism wanted for the development of constituent structure.Morris Halle is Institute Professor at MIT. Jean-Roger Vergnaud is Professor of Linguistics on the college of Maryland and Senior Researcher on the Centre nationwide de los angeles Recherche Scientifique and the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche en Informatique Linguistique in France.

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Two features of this displacement deserve mention. First, the site of the original main stress does not become stressless as a result of stress shift; instead, it retains a certain degree of stress, a vestige of its former prominence, as it were. Second, the new stress peak has the same degree of stress as the old stress peak; in particular, the degree of stress of the new peak is independent of the stress that the syllable had at the outset. Thus, after stress shift both New York and Japanese in (72) have 3 stress on the initial syllable, even though in isolation the initial syllable of New York has less stress than that of Japanese.

In Aklan all closed syllables as well as certain lexically marked morphemes are stressed. Moreover, sequences of open syllables exhibit an alternating stress pattern: when the sequence is word-final, stress falls on every odd-numbered syllable counting from the right, whereas when the sequence is nonfinal, stress falls on every even-numbered syllable counting from the right. To account for the fact that closed syllables are stressed, the grammar of Aklan obviously must include a rule such as (26) that assigns closed syllables an asterisk on line 1.

There are various ways of representing integers, and the Arabic numeral representation adopted for convenience here is only one of them. In fact, this mode of representation is not entirely appropriate for our purposes, since it cannot handle naturally the phenomenon of stress displacement cited in (68c). Thus, consider the effects of the English Rhythm Rule illustrated in (72). (72) a. b. < previous page page_38 next page > < previous page page_39 next page > Page 39 In the examples in (72a) the main stress is on the last stressed syllable of the (last) word.

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