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By Victor Chun

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An illustrated learn of the improvement, development, strategies wrestle activities of PT boats, many drawings, diagrams, plans, profiles images.

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ThereJore, radar was all extremely illlpor/alll piece ojequipmellt illiocatillg ellemy ships. A close up vielV oJthe radar mast sholVs the detail oJ the radar ref/ector and rotatillg pOlVerullit. Courtesy of Robert Ferrell. This is IVhat the illside oj the machille gUll /IIrret looks like. Courtesy of Robert Ferrell. AJlerthe PT boat reached the war ~Olle, the additiollal equipmelll alld armamelll illstalled lVere limiled ollly by the illgelluily oJthe crelV alld IVhatthey could get their hallds all.

86 87 11' • I nuUI r 1 '. C' Or .. , American PT Boats in World War 11 Chapter 12: Anatomy of PT Boat HUCKINS Huckins PT boat practices laying a smoke screen. Courtesy of the National Archives. PT 297 saw action at Mindoro. December /944. Note the heavy compressed air launchers on top of the torpedo tubes. Courtesy of the PT Boat Museum. PT 95 at Jacksonville. Florida. Courtesy of the Bureau of Ships. r::.. HOCI( sC~EEN (;£N. , TORPEDo aox f] ENGIME ROOM f:ATCH MOLIn red arrhe cenrer of rhe bow is rhe 37 mm gun on a Mark I MOLlIJ1 wirh rwo boxes ofammunirion behind ir.

IGHT The Vformalioll \\'05 mosl com/7/ollly Llsed ill PT boal operaliolls. ide, compacl, permil/ed rapid de,'eloplllelll alld redllced chalices of ellfilade. \·1 (l/rackillg aircrafl. Courtesy of the ational Archives. AIIOlher vielll of Higgills boals ill V formalioll. Courtesy of the PT Boat Museum.

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