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By Isaac Asimov

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Discusses the constellations and stars, the space, luminosity and measurement, stellar astronomy, starlight, and existence on different planetary platforms, with distinct connection with the 3rd brightest and likewise the closest big name. Alpha Centauri.

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There were, of course, people living farther south than Alexandria, even farther south than the equator. Such people could see all the way to the south celestial pole without trouble. All the ancient astronomers, however, lived north of the equator and just about all of them lived at latitudes higher than 30° N. This situation didn't change until the Europeans began to explore the world in the 1400s. As they explored southward along the coast of Africa and, later, along the coast of South 31 • THE CONSTELLATIONS America, they also found themselves exploring the southern sky.

Of differences in real motion rather than of distance.

Is navigators, as they sailed southward past the equator, to observe the southern stars carefully and to work out constellations that Ptolemy had never seen. The first attempt came in 1595 when a Dutch navigator, Pieter Dircksz Keyser (KIGH-ser), listed twelve constellations. More were worked out by others until, by 1752, the list was complete and astronomers had the eighty-eight constellations that are listed in Table 2. In 1930 the boundaries of there is now no tion or another. all eighty-eight spot in the sky that is of the The Large Magellanic Cloud new official; not part of one constella- Dorado, while the Small Magellanic Cloud Some were made is is, for instance, in in Tucana.

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