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I thought I might have to swim, and I knew my injured leg would make that difficult, so I took off my combat pants, canteen, and everything I could spare, and destroyed them. I burned the confidential authentification document and used the ashes to blacken my face and hands. The edge of our perimeter had been bombed and strafed by Marauders, Thunderbolts, and Typhoons, and we hoped it would look as if were going to attack. " This gun was the six-barrel type, and after it was hit the shelling became much lighter.

Mobile reserves should be sufficient to insure exploitation of initial airborne success. Reserve infantry divisions should be available, and utilized, to replace airborne divisions in combat as rapidly as their replacement can be physically effected. Employment of airborne units should be based on a maximum exploitation of their capabilities; hence all well conceived airborne operations will involve an acceptance of a calculated risk in view of possible far-reaching results. -Where adequate protection from enemy interceptors can be insured, and where adequate air preparation can be provided to silence hostile flak, daylight airborne operations will suffer combat losses substantially lower than the normal operational losses sustained at night.

A Afk• ',dito Is, 44. V-d-11 rklbolfo*,t Cz- - for whose care arrangements had been made with the Germans. The withdrawal was tragic for these men, who had fought so bravely against crushing odds for 8 long days. Right up to the end it had seemed that relief could be accomplished, but sufficient forces could not be brought up in time to cross the river by assault. The German tactic of continuous pressure on the supply in the Veghel vicinity had been successful. The interdiction of this vital road for 36 hours beginning on the afternoon of z4 September had been the decisive factor.

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