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By Norman Spinrad

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Stryker Magnus is born right into a lifestyles not anyone may ever ask for, pray to not have even. yet operating for Hell has its perks, resembling immortality, and Stryker's faraway from evil. he is rather simply the supply guy who hates his task. Rafe Damas lives a lonely existence, overlooked via his in basic terms closing family—his father.

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The tv and the fax sheets all say that the Brotherhood tried to kill Khustov, not us," Luke Forman said, his black face etched to a mask of ebony confusion by the light of his flash. " Johnson grunted. " he said. "The Brotherhood actually saved Khustov, and then the Council must've decided that it would be better to blame the Brotherhood for the attempt. The Wards think of the Brotherhood as a natural calamity, so it's better for the Hegemony to blame them than to admit that we can be dan61 gerous.

Maybe we should break up the League and just try to live with it—get ours while we can. Do we even know what this Democracy we're busting ourselves for really is? Maybe it's just a word. " "Come on, Manny," Johnson said, forcing a tone of certainty into his voice. "We all know what Democracy is. It's . . it's being able to do what you want, how you want, and when you want to do it. " "Er . . the majority rules, of course," Johnson said vaguely. " Johnson frowned. This kind of talk was getting them nowhere.

And now the Brotherhood too seemed to be somehow aiding the Hegemony, however inadvertently... Or was the Brotherhood of Assassins a creature 'of the Hegemony in the first place? Maybe there was no point in going on. . Maybe the most merciful thing would be for the scooter to be detected, and . . 43 Just then, the rockets cut out. Johnson floated in the seat straps, suddenly weightless. And even as the end of the acceleration eased the weight of his body, the sight of Deimos, that dead, jagged rock hanging outside the Viewport, eased his spirit.

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Agent of Chaos by Norman Spinrad

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