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3 of romance's preferred bestselling authors -- Amanda Ashley, Christine Feehan, and Ronda Thompson -- invite you to discover the darkish facet, to flavor the forbidden, to dive into risk with heroes who fireplace the blood and lay declare to the soul in those outstanding stories of sensual ardour. a guy hunts for a lady. but what if he's no usual male, yet a predator looking for prey? a dismal soul having a look for the sunshine? A vampire, a werewolf, a mythic being who moves worry into the hearts of mortals? whilst day fades into evening, whilst worry turns into fascination, while the swirling seduction of eternal love overcomes the senses, it has to be after twilight.

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She glanced past him to the darkness beyond the doorway. " He flicked on a light switch. " The thought of going down those stairs filled her with dread, but she had to know, had to see for herself. Summoning every ounce of courage she possessed, she stepped past Jason and walked slowly down the stairs, wondering, as she did so, if she was making the biggest mistake of her life. What if he followed her? If he was truly a vampire, he wouldn't want anyone to know where he rested during the day. She paused at the foot of the stairs and looked around, but there was nothing to see, only a patchwork quilt.

Leanne whirled around, her hand flying to her throat. "Jason! " He held out his hands and flexed his fingers, looking at them as if he'd never seen them before. " A wry grin tugged at his lips. " They gazed at each other for a long moment, and then Leanne threw herself into his arms and hugged him tight. " She ran her fingertips over his face, then spread one hand over his chest, above his heart. "Alive," she murmured again. " He looked deep into her eyes, and then he smiled, a beautiful smile that went straight to her heart.

Leanne hummed softly as they drove down the freeway, her hand resting on Jason's thigh, her gaze returning again and again to his profile. She loved the rugged masculine beauty of his face, the finely sculpted nose and lips, the strong square jaw, dark now with the shadow of a beard. His brows were thick and black above deep blue eyes, his cheekbones pronounced. How had she fallen in love so quickly, so completely, with this man who was still a stranger in so many ways? She hardly knew him, and yet she felt as if she had always known him, as if her life had begun the night they met.

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