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By Malucelli, Giulio; Marino, Francesco

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It is necessary to choose the best method and appropriate procedures to test them, as well as the manners of expressing test results. This may be a good starting point for the development of new methods and test procedures, as well as an impulse for the construction of appropriate measurement equipment. Today, there are several different types of apparatuses for testing abrasion resistance. They have evolved over time to include different kinds of loading conditions and materials, in order to be truer and closer to real conditions.

Horszczaruk (2005) considers that the period of analysis method for abrasion resistance under water must be at least 72 hours for high strength concrete in hydraulic structures. Soroushian et al (2003) observed that the addition of recycled plastic caused a reduction in abrasion resistance of concrete. The authors attributed this effect to the fact that the fibers were torn near the surface under the effect of change in the abrasion and wear characteristics of concrete with the presence of fibers from recycled plastic modified the surface characteristics of the material.

A. (2008). Use of waste plastic in concrete mixture as aggregate replacement. Waste Management. v. 28, p. ; Stubblefield, M. A. & Pang, S. (2004). Waste tire fiber modified concrete. Composites: Part B engineering. v. 35 p. M. (2002). , Portella, K. ; Pereira, P. N. & Santos, R. P. (2003). Study of the performance of four repairing material systems for hydraulic structures of concrete dams. Cerâmica. v. 49, p. 48-54 Metha, P. K. & Gerwick Jr, B. C. (1982). Cracking-Corrosion Interaction in Concrete Exposed to Marine Environment.

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