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When Robert met Prince Rhaegar in single combat and caved in his chest, scattering rubies from his armor into the waters, he won his most important victory—not only because the prince was dead, but also because he’d avenged Lyanna. When Robert’s forces arrived in King’s Landing, they found it already sacked by Lannister forces and the royal family dead by their hands as well. Robert had successfully ended nearly three hundred years of Targaryen rule, but it hadn’t saved his beloved Lyanna from dying at the Tower of Joy just as she was found by Eddard Stark at the war’s end.

To the east flows the Blackwater Rush, a deep and treacherous river draining from the heartlands of the Reach into Blackwater Bay. Most commerce occurs along the river, where quays and long docks reside for the innumerable ships and trading vessels that weigh anchor in King’s Landing over the course of a year. The smell is ripe, to say the least, and signals the presence of wastewater and the nearby fish markets. Fishmonger’s Square is located just inside Mud Gate (more politely referred to as the River Gate) as one enters the city.

One of the most curious features of the Red Keep is that it plays host to a large number of wild cats. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and temperaments. They survive by hunting vermin and most likely make off with table scraps or benefit from the kindness of some of the human residents regularly enough that they are very healthy. They have free reign of the castle and its grounds. Maegor’s Holdfast Maegor’s Holdfast is a large square fortress at the center of the Red Keep. It’s located behind walls twelve feet thick and a dry moat lined with iron spikes.

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