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In March the papers on the axisymmetric fields and motions and on the lengthening of the decay times by internal motions were completed. A large amount of calculations was carried out. However, scientificbio January 5, 2011 11:30 Turbulence; Hydromagnetism (1948–1960) Summer 1956 scientificbio Reprint volume: A Scientific Autobiography ... 39 on the whole, this period was about the most frustrating in my entire experience to date. During the winter and spring months, I lectured on quantum mechanics.

Turbulence; Hydromagnetism (1948–1960) HØI 1947 At about the time my work on radiative equilibrium was coming to an end, and I was contemplating writing my Radiative Transfer, I began to think of the future. As I told van de Hulst, my work (and that of most other theoretical astrophysicists) during the two preceding decades was largely the carrying out of the program implicit in the pioneer investigations of Karl Schwarzschild, Eddington, Jeans and Milne. Clearly, they could not have foreseen the “results” of the subsequent investigations; indeed, they should have realized themselves that their own efforts would not lead them anywhere near the solution of the problems they had formulated.

During spring, a number of odd things were cleared. First there was the paper on the polarization of the sunlit sky. The calculations had been completed some months earlier and during my absence in Haverford, Donna had typed the tables. The paper was written up, tables and all were sent to the American Philosophical Society for publication in one of their transactions in early July. Second, the companion paper (to the one already published in the Cambridge Philosophical Society) was also written up and sent for publication.

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