New PDF release: A Date on Cloud Nine

By Jenna McKnight

ISBN-10: 0060549289

ISBN-13: 9780060549282

ISBN-10: 0061248967

ISBN-13: 9780061248962

Jenna McKnight dazzles with a romantic comedy that includes a lady who has been despatched again from heaven to "do anything particularly important". . . if she does not get distracted by way of the very attractive Jackson Murdoch first! Lilly Marquette does not desire angels to inform her it isn't her time. in the end, she's now not even thirty. yet whereas trying out the enormously scorching man in the back of the counter of a "toy" store, the furnace blows, and poof, Lilly is headed for the pearly gates! yet rather than St. Peter, she's greeted via. John and Elizabeth? those mother or father angels are giving Lilly one final likelihood to get it right.and to ultimately decide on the correct guy. Jake Murdock is sizzling, attractive, and he will also be the proper guy, yet he desires not anything to do with Lilly He believes she stole 3 million funds from him in an coverage rip-off, and now he is observing helplessly as she supplies away his cash! And the extra he attempts to forestall her, the extra she is going on approximately angels making her do it. His brain may be on revenge, but if she bats these lengthy attractive lashes at him, it unexpectedly does not appear so vital anymore. now not whilst he has an opportunity to teach her that theirs is a keenness that comes just once in a life-time.

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Unless you'd like to come over to my place. " Ohhhh. " She must've sounded pretty alarmed, because he backpedaled and said, "Just as friends"—He grinned engagingly—"and then we'll see. " It occurred to her that this was a zillion times easier than getting near Jake. In five seconds, her lips had been closer to Andrew's than they had been to Jake's all week. Uh-oh. Had she targeted the wrong man again? Had Elizabeth meant she'd picked the wrong brother, not the wrong partner! Shouldn't it be this easy to catch the right man, since she was destined to have a baby who'd grow up to do something special—kind of a fail-safe child?

Ollie, Lilly. " Ollie shook her hand warmly. "Nice to meet you, Lilly. " Lilly's jaw dropped as she turned to Jake. " "Hey, Mooch gets along fine with the kids. I'd bring him in today, Ollie, but he had surgery recently. " It wasn't a question, and Ollie took Lilly by the elbow and ushered her out the door. "Computers are all fine," Jake said, tagging along. " "Talk about Big Brother. " "He says that, but I don't believe him," Ollie murmured to Lilly. "He was like that in college, too. Hands in everything.

Passion from the heart, from caring for someone so deeply that he wanted only to be in tune with her, to know her every thought, her every feeling. She'd gotten glimpses of it all week, but whenever she'd thought she'd seen it, it had skittered away elusively. Now it was there, heating up between them. " he asked. She managed a jerky little nod. " Susannah returned with a recipe card, and even her presence didn't break the tension between them. " As he tucked it into his shirt pocket, a slow, wicked smile pulled at Jake's lips.

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