New PDF release: A Bloody Good Secret

By Sierra Dean

ISBN-10: 160928531X

ISBN-13: 9781609285319

After dishonest demise two times in a single evening, confessing her precise nature to her werewolf soul friends and being requested to kill one in every of her closest neighbors, mystery took a much-needed holiday. by way of operating away.

Now she’s again in town—dragged kicking and screaming—determined to transparent Holden Chancery’s identify. correct after she unearths out what he’s accused of. It shouldn’t be hard—Holden has a behavior of utilizing their new and scintillating psychic bond to wreck into her techniques and goals at a few very, let's imagine, awkward moments.

Just a number of issues stand in her approach: a secretive Tribunal chief, a bunch of would-be vampire slayers and werewolf boyfriends who refuse to enable her function in her usual lone-wolf kind. Even much less a laugh are the terrifying creatures that somebody is utilizing in an try and achieve regulate of the council. Even for this out-of-the-ordinary bounty hunter, it’s a problem with in all likelihood lethal teeth.

Warning: includes an ever-plucky heroine without scarcity of guns, super-hot brain video games, an ever-complicated love triangle and one hell of a creepy enjoyment park.

This ebook used to be formerly published by way of Samhain Publishing.
The re-creation includes minor observe adjustments yet no tale alterations.

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I was about to say SoHo, but it came out as a sibilant breath. No. I wasn舗t ready, not yet. He must have seen the slight head shake, because he coughed with a phlegmy rattle and spit something out his open window. A cyclist cursed and the cabby snarled at him. 舡 He drew out the word, emphasizing his impatience. I gave him an address in the West Village, northwest of Rain Hotel, and he put the car in drive before I listed the cross street. As we drove, I pulled my cell phone out of my purse and dialed a number I almost never had cause to use.

I wanted to stab myself in the face with the broken shards of my dignity. Grandmere filled the glass with the bottled blood舒pig, based on the small mouthful I舗d tasted舒and handed it to me. 舡 I let that one go, because I didn舗t want her to know how far off base she was. I cursed like a sailor, slept with boys I wasn舗t married to, and was sort of soul-married to two werewolves in a bizarre, polyandrous, metaphysical mess. Plus, I drank my blood straight out of the fridge back home. Lady was hardly the first word that came to mind when I described myself.

Someone like my human partner, Keaty, who would have no qualms about killing Holden. But I couldn舗t believe Holden had turned traitor. This time I would need a why. Holden had dedicated his afterlife to being one of the lowest-ranking vampires in the council, a warden, for over two hundred years. He舗d been given the thankless task of being my liaison, a job no one envied him. And he舗d done it all without complaint. So what would cause him to go rogue now? It made no sense. I got up with moss sticking to the backs of my bare thighs.

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